herCAREER-Jobmatch is suitable for all active job seekers with career ambitions – even if cultural fit to the company is important to you, you are in the right place. You don’t have to know or limit yourself to the appropriate job title of your future dream job. herCAREER-Jobmatch brings you together with companies based on your skills. Women especially benefit because they often don’t apply to job ads until they meet 80 to 100 percent of the requirements. On herCAREER-Jobmatch, we show you all advertised jobs that match you as a match. Since the Jobmatch algorithm checks the fit primarily on the basis of your competencies, the portal is also suitable if you are aiming for a lateral entry.

No, for job seekers the use on herCAREER-Jobmatch is free of charge and remains so when we send you matching job ads.

No. herCAREER-Jobmatch is open to all job seekers.

Your profile will be matched to suitable jobs. If there is a match of your profile with a job, you will be informed about it by e-mail. Only if you actively accept the match, your stored data will be displayed to the employer who has posted the matched job. You do not have to accept the match to apply. You can also do this directly via the contact details or website provided, if applicable. Then your profile will not be visible to the employer of the matched job either. However, you should then refer to herCAREER-Jobmatch in your application.

As soon as a match is made – i.e. your profile matches a position with the stored competencies and soft skills – you will receive an e-mail from us. With your login you will see all the details of the matched position and based on which criteria you are a match. You now have the option to accept the match, so that you also allow the company to view your profile – including the information why you are a match.

As soon as you receive the message by e-mail that a match exists, you can accept the match after logging in to herCAREER-Jobmatch or contact the company directly via the contact options provided (e.g. via the telephone number of the contact person:in at the employer). Some companies also refer to the job posting on their website or applicant management system, so you can apply directly for the job. Note: Make reference to herCAREER-Jobmatch in your application!

As soon as you accept a match on herCAREER-Jobmatch, the company whose job your profile matches also sees which skills make you suitable for the position. This way, the company can also see why you make a good match.

Completing your profile with your resume and references increases your chances of getting an interview. The resume and all other data only become visible to the matched company when you actively accept the match.

As a rule: Yes. You can also actively accept the match, so that the company that has filed the matched job ad can see your contact details and actively approach you. However, to increase your job chances, it is worth actively applying or contacting them using the contact information provided by the company.

herCAREER-Jobmatch focuses on competencies, soft skills and personal values when matching jobs with candidate profiles. When you accept a match and share your personal job profile with the company, they see why they make a good match. Appearance, origin, age or graduation from certain educational institutions only become visible then.

Please check if you have filled out your profile completely. It may be advisable to expand the catchment area of the assignment location even further. Also make sure that the information about your skills and the desired level of responsibility is comprehensive enough. Since herCAREER-Jobmatch is still new, we otherwise ask for your patience. The customer base of companies is constantly growing.

The matching algorithm, which we are constantly improving, creates the suggestions based on the stored answer options. Therefore, please check your profile at regular intervals: Have you focused on the most important competencies that match your desired job? Are the salary requirements still correct? To sharpen your profile, you should provide as much information as necessary, but as little as possible. This narrows down the matching results.

You can also use the platform on the move. To do this, store the application as an app on your smartphone – here’s how to do that.