herCAREER-Jobmatch is the matching platform of the herCAREER Expo, available to you 365 days a year. By registering and posting a job on herCAREER-Jobmatch, you show potential candidates that you are committed to equality and diversity – a requirement for employers that more and more employees have, regardless of gender. Matching enables a more prejudice-free selection of personnel – appearance, origin, certificates from educational institutions or age do not play a role in the matching process. Since the herCAREER Jobmatch focuses primarily on the fit of candidates based on their competencies, soft skills and personal values, the platform is also suitable for employers who are open to career changers. Even if you are not one of the big players, herCAREER-Jobmatch is worthwhile: As soon as the job matches a candidate, the job of a smaller company is displayed as a match, just like the jobs of the big companies.

Matching is based on the information you have entered in the Jobmatch questionnaire for employers. With just a few specific details, you can narrow down the group of potential candidates. Your information is only active when you activate matching at the end of a job ad. The job match is based on an algorithm that compares the job description in the questionnaire with the profile of the candidate from the herCAREER talent pool. Matching candidates are informed about the match via e-mail. As soon as the candidate logs in, they can view the matching information, i.e. why their profile matches a position. The candidate now has the option to apply directly via the contact details you have provided or the link to the applicant management system and/or to activate their profile for you by accepting the match. If the candidate accepts the match, you can also view the matching information and contact the candidate directly. You will then also have access to the resume and other information, if the candidate has provided it. The herCAREER Jobmatch matches a maximum of four candidates per working day (Monday to Friday).

As soon as someone accepts a match, you have full access to the candidate’s stored profile – with the resume and other references, if the candidate has uploaded them. In her profile, the candidate has indicated how she would like to be contacted. They can now contact each other using the contact options stored in each case. If you have linked directly to your career website or to your applicant management system in the job described on herCAREER-Jobmatch, this will be indicated to the candidate. Candidates are requested to refer to herCAREER-Jobmatch in their application.

In herCAREER-Jobmatch, the competencies play the decisive role in ensuring that the matching algorithm is effective and identifies suitable candidates for the position described on herCAREER-Jobmatch. Therefore, the competencies are decisive first and only secondarily whether someone has acquired them through experience in the course of his or her working life, through further education, autodidactically, through studies or training. In this way, herCAREER Jobmatch also makes lateral entry possible, for which more than 50 percent of the candidates in the herCAREER talent pool are open.

When matching, the focus is always initially on the professional match. However, you can also actively enter information about the soft skills and personal values you are looking for. The algorithm then also compares whether the candidate has a cultural fit in addition to the professional fit.

Each match is charged with 10 EUR for employers and 100 EUR for recruiters/headhunters (persons or organizations searching for personnel on behalf of third parties). You can see in your login at any time how many matches have been made. A match is created as soon as your job (answers in the multiple-choice questionnaire) matches a profile from the herCAREER talent pool and the position is proposed to the candidate. The basis for a match are therefore the answers you have deposited in the questionnaire. There is significantly less scattering loss. You pay for the most suitable profiles of candidates to whom your job is presented. If we are unable to make a suitable suggestion, there are no costs, unlike with conventional job advertisements.

Currently, this is not yet possible, but we are working on such a development. Until then, the costs for you remain calculable: A maximum of EUR 920 per month is charged for each stored and actively posted job – and only if 92 candidates are actually matched to your job profile over a period of one month.

Yes, because the candidate will be informed about all matches that fit your profile. Candidates can also apply for the job without accepting the match – using the contact details or the link to the applicant management system, if you have stored this information. Candidates are free to activate their profile or not. As an employer, you have the advantage over conventional job boards that your job advertisement has actually reached the most suitable candidates, even if matches are not accepted.

The herCAREER Jobmatch is comparable to advertisements in social networks, where you also store the criteria and target groups to which your ad will be displayed.

Matching is not bound to a fixed term. It is up to you when job matching starts and ends. If you have already found the right candidate after a few days, you can deactivate the matching again directly. We will match your job ad until you actively deactivate it.

Yes. You can click through the full questionnaire once you have registered for free. Costs will only arise for you if successful matches result. This is only possible after you have activated matching at the very end of the questionnaire.

When describing a job using the Jobmatch questionnaire, it is best to select only the criteria that candidates should definitely possess. Remember: The more options you select, the broader the requirements. The narrower you narrow down the professional and functional skills profile, the more targeted the match.

Yes, this is possible at any time.

Yes, you can reactivate a deactivated job at any time.

Yes, you can post all jobs from the beginning of the career. You can also mark the job as a mandatory internship under the “Salary” section or add a salary range. This will allow you to narrow down the selection of matches. The regular costs also apply to entry-level jobs, internships and trainee positions (see “What does matching cost?”).

When you register, you first create a company profile that will later be used for all jobs you create. It will only be displayed to matching candidates, and only if you have posted active jobs. However, you can create a company profile and make adjustments at any time.

No, candidates of any gender can create a profile on herCAREER-Jobmatch. Since herCAREER is committed to equal opportunities, the proportion of women in the community is very high. However, more and more men are interested in equality and a better work-life balance and are therefore becoming part of the herCAREER community.

The talent pool is constantly growing – new candidates are added every day and create a personal profile. As at the herCAREER Expo, more than 90 percent of the candidates have an academic background. Most of them are career-ambitious candidates, whether they are looking for an entry-level job or careers in a technical or management track. If you require a specific degree or work experience, you can put this in your job description via the questionnaire. The herCAREER also focuses on candidates in technical career fields, but is open to all fields and industries. If, contrary to expectations, no suitable candidate is suggested in the talent pool of herCAREER-Jobmatch, you will not incur any costs, unlike with traditional job advertisements.

Anyone who registers on herCAREER-Jobmatch indicates that they are looking for a job. If this changes, candidates can make their profile inactive. Matches with your jobs will only be created if the candidate has activated their profile for the job search.

You can also use the platform on the move. To do this, store the application as an app on your smartphone – here’s how to do that.